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A Bit More Privacy & Real Backyards

The Mira Costa Section of Manhattan Beach is often considered together with Manhattan Heights and Liberty Village as East Manhattan Beach. But it has its own feel. This section is named for Mira Costa High School which is within the area.

Most of the lots here are 50 feet wide by 150 feet deep. However, there are a few enclaves of exclusive homes on very large lots and a few standard lots that have been subdivided. This section is hilly, providing city views for some of the homes.

If you are considering a home in the Mira Costa Section, be sure to take a look at the zoning information below and examine the Manhattan Beach Zoning Map. The Mira Costa Section contains a few unusual lots, both private and public.

The majority of elementary school students in the Mira Costa Section attend Pennekamp. Students living in the northwest corner attend Meadows. Click here for more information about Manhattan Beach schools.

Poets Section

The area between Mira Costa High School and Pacific Coast Highway is sometimes referred to in listing descriptions as the Poets Section, because the streets there are named for poets: Keats, Longfellow, Shelley, and Tennyson.

Just The Facts

Price Range

Click Here to see the sale prices for Mira Costa Section homes that have sold in the last 8 weeks. On this side of Sepulveda, you can get more land and more house for a slightly more reasonable price.


The Mira Costa Section is primarily zoned Residential Single Family. Click Here to see a Zoning Map for Manhattan Beach homes. There is one Residential Single Family area that has special sub-district zoning permissions:
    Homes along Ronda Drive, Terraza Place, Duncan Drive, Kuhn Drive and Longfellow Drive, have minimum lot size requirements and restrictions on subdivision, to preserve the privacy, views and character of the neighborhood.
There is a Planned Development off Meadows Avenue, next to Mira Costa High School. There is another Planned Development on Aviation Place, which few people realize is within the Manhattan Beach borders.

There are 2 areas next to the General Commercial property which are zoned Residential Medium Density, for 3 or fewer units.

Some lots along Manhattan Beach Boulevard and along Artesia Boulevard are zoned Residential High Density, for 4 or more units. There are also a few lots along Artesia Boulevard, Aviation Boulevard, and Manhattan Beach Boulevard that are zoned for General Commercial use.

Lots along Sepulveda Boulevard are zoned General Commercial for a full range of retail and service businesses, including businesses that attract heavy vehicular traffic.

There are just a few lots along Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Aviation Boulevard, and Artesia Boulevard that are zoned Local Commercial for businesses serving the daily needs of nearby residential areas.

In addition to Mira Costa High School, this area includes public space for Pennekamp Elementary School, Manhattan Beach Fire Station Two, the Creative Arts Center, Manhattan Heights Community Center and recreation facilities.

The Mira Costa Section contains two parks. Manhattan Heights Park is on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, across from Polliwog Park. In addition there is a small, lot-sized "parquette" in the 1700 block of 8th Street.

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